If your Factory receiver with software version 2.19, you must upgrade FirstUpgradeFile.bin file , or your receiver will can not boot after you upgrade any version SW , After you upgrade FirstUpgradeFile.bin file one time ,you can upgrade any version SW.
1.    Unzip upgrade file, you will see FirstUpgradeFile.bin file, copy it to your USB stick, plug into your receiver,
      press 'USB' button of the remote control, it will enter USB menu .
2  . Select FirstUpgradeFile.bin file, press 'OK' button of the remote control , will pop dialog menu.
3    Select 'Yes' option by left/right button of the remote control, then press 'Ok' button of the remote control ,will upgrade the file
4.   please wait and do not power off .
5   .You will see the update process.
6.   After finish upgrade file, will pop dialog menu, you can select reboot it or not, both are ok.
7.  After finish upgrade it, you can download the newest SW from our forum, then upgrade it as you previous.

Very important
First        1-     FirstUpgradeFile Tiger T600 V2.19-    FactorySw            Download
Second   2-    Tiger T600 HD 2USB      V2.66     23-07-2012                     Download

Once you forget upgrade FirstUpgradeFile.bin file, your receiver will can not boot, you must follow the steps to do.
  1. Unzip putty.zip file, you can execute putty.exe ,as the picture below.
  2. Configuration options, please note that the red mark section.
           a. Connection type: Please select Serial.
           b. Speed: Please set to 115200
           c. Serial line :
            Please set the correct COM port, you can check it in your computer, maybe your computer COM port is COM2, COM3 etc .
           d. Click 'Open' button, then you can see the picture below.
     3. Connect your computer to the receiver by RS232 cable
     4. Reboot the receiver, if your putty configuration is correct,you will see the debug information in the putty debug windows ,as the picture below.
     5. Input two lines command, after finish the command line, press 'enter' key of the keyboard to save them, and follow the picture below.
     6. After save the two command line, you will see the save data information as the picture below.
     7. Now you can reboot the receive to upgrade any version SW.

     Setenv autostart ’yes’